Dr. Jian Xu’s Book: 《Chinese Intellectual Property: A Practitioner’s Guide》Kindle Edition


Dear Friends

I am glad to let you know that my book, Chinese Intellectual Property: A Practitioner’s Guide, is now available on Amazon, in both the electronic and paperback format.

You can click the link below to preview or order the electronic version from Amazon.

This book summarizes my years of experiences of serving clients on every aspect of Chinese intellectual property. It is designed to be a highly practical handbook, dealing with the full range of IP rights and the full range of situations, from basic advice on registration strategy, to detailed advice on dealing with rights which arise during the course of employment, as well as practical guides on conducting IP infringement actions in China.

Among the gems in this book are highly practical guides to the appointment of investigators – a key aspect of protection in China –, tips for combating pirated trade marks – a prevalent problem for brand owners operating in China-, detailed action plans for intellectual property enforcement, as well as the best steps to use the systems in place at the Canton Fair to obtain instant redress.

Chinese IP law and practice is of vital concern to rights owners all round the world. China is now part of the global economy – a big and growing part. Its vast market, with more consumers entering every year as a result of government policies, is simply too good to miss for businesses globally. The practical advice in this book is definitely a useful resource for global IP professionals when/if they deal with China IP issues for their client/company.

I also list the Table of Content of my book so you know exactly what is inside. Hopefully, you might find it an intensely practical and “how-to” type of China IP handbook.

If you are interested, I would be grateful if you can order one for yourself or your firm/company, and/or recommend the book to your relevant contacts. Should you have any questions, comments or reviews, please do feel free share them on Amazon or NiuYie here.

Many thanks for your interest and support.

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Practice notes on design filing
Notable changes of amended patent law
Choosing private investigators for anti-counterfeiting work
Legal grounds for combating pirated trade marks
Toolbox for trade mark opposition
Evidence checklist for trade mark opposition/cancellation
Intellectual property recordal at Customs
Four courses of action for IP enforcement
General strategies for IP enforcement
General strategy of IP complaint at Canton Fair
Practical tips of making IP complaints at Canton Fair
Practical tips for notarised trap purchase
Dealing with infringers using false company address
Letter of consent relating to trade marks
Establishing copyright ownership
Evidence of trade mark use
Pragmatic anti-counterfeiting by risk/benefit analysis
Notes on partial designs
Contributory infringement of foreign supplier
IP holding company
Evidence for well-known trade marks
Action plan for patent infringement
Typical process of patent infringement action
Chinese character trade marks
Tips on translating trade marks
Collective trade marks
A primer for intellectual property registration
A primer for unfair competition
A primer for intellectual property enforcement
Domain name registration and compliance
Legal grounds for domain name disputes
IP registration beyond mainland China
Utility model coupled with an invention patent
Proving bad faith in trade mark dispute
Notable features of trade mark assignment
Requesting an open hearing for trade mark cancellation
Summary of patent registration requirements
Summary of trade mark registration requirements
Summary of copyright recordal requirements
Copyright registration of computer software
Employee inventor compensation
Technology transfer – three categories of technology
Inventions made-in-China
Trade mark piracy by the agent or representative
Trade name vs. trade mark
“Right of name/portrait” vs. trade mark
Determining the similarity of goods/services
Determining the similarity of trade marks
Notable features of patent prosecution
Recognition of well-known trade marks
Determining the similarity of designs
Requirements for design drawings
Trade mark infringement in OEM
Paying bond for Customs seizure
IP complaint at B2B websites
The consequence of double patenting
Double standard for the skilled artisan
Electronic evidence in IP litigation
Copyright in the course of employment
Fair use of copyright
Prior use defence in patent litigation
Provisional protection of patent application
Prosecution history estoppel in patent litigation
China’s National IP Strategy
Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China
Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China
Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China
Law Against Unfair Competition of the People’s Republic of China

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