China Court Found Reputation Of Trademark “DETTOL In Chinese” A Major Contributing Factor In Determination Of Goods Similarity

(Author: CHEN Yuhan, HU Meili; Source: Wan Hui Da IP Agency)

The determination of the similarity between goods is made case-by-case, which requires taking both the nature of goods and the reputation of the prior trademarks into account.


"DETTOL in Chinese" is a famous healthcare brand of RECKITT & COLMAN (OVERSEAS) LTD. (RECKITT & COLMAN), which was once the authorized manufacturer of sanitizing products for the Queen of England. In 1990s, "DETTOL" products entered the Chinese market: disinfectants, disinfection soap, clothing aseptic liquid, body lotions and other personal care products. Through long-term using and advertising, the trademark . . .

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