About NiuYie

Niu Yie, whose Chinese pronunciation (sounds the same as “new year”) can mean “awesome”, expresses our purpose of providing an awesome China intellectual property website. It will be the most comprehensive one-stop knowledge platform, in English language, for all aspects of Chinese intellectual property.

You’re welcome to read, submit articles, post comments and participate in our community.

JX Photo (small)Dr. Jian Xu, a dual qualified Chinese lawyer and patent/trademark attorney and director of the China office of a large international law firm, is the founder and chief administrator of NiuYie China IP Blog. Apart from being a dually qualified Chinese lawyer and patent/trademark attorney, he is a dedicated China IP blogger, as well as the owner of the China Intellectual Property Forum on LinkedIn. The support team consists of volunteering lawyers and law students.

You are most welcome to contact Jian (jian.xu AT niuyie.com), should you have any questions on China IP, or any issues on publishing, support or cooperation with NiuYie website.

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