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Chinese Legal Developments : Counting the Cash

(Author: Guoxu Yang; Source: CCPIT) The Chinese government has realised the importance of the patent system in promoting the innovation of technologies and has taken certain measures and […]

IP Compliance Audits

(Author:Sophia Hou; Source: Rouse) Reducing risk in China Doing business in China can be risky for IP owners – and risks to key IPR assets […]

Are Elements of a Registered Trademark Independently Protectable? – The possibility of protecting a word or phrase in a trademark independently under the trademark law

(Author: Chen Binyin; Source: DeBund Law Offices)   A client of mine (“Company B”) was recently involved in a trademark litigation case with another company (“Company A”). This case arose from the use of two Chinese characters that had been used by Company A as a part of its registered trademark while Company B, a direct competitor against Company A, also use these two characters for its trademark. This content is restricted to subscribers. Please login if you are an existing user.

Patent Litigation in China

(Author: Chuanhong Long, Guoxu Yang; Source: CCPIT) 1. Types of Intellectual Property Rights & Granting Procedure 1.1 Types of Intellectual Property Rights The Chinese legal system provides patent protection […]

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Proving bad faith in trade mark dispute

(Author: Dr. Jian Xu, the China IP Blogger) During trade mark opposition or cancellation proceeding in China, it is often necessary to prove bad faith of […]

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