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Prosecutors Intervening in Trademark matters

(Author: He Jing; Source: ZY Partners) Chinese prosecutors normally have nothing to do with how to file trademark applications in China.  But the situation is changing as […]

Assessing China’s Plan to Build Internet Power

(Author: Scott D. Livingston; Source: SIPS) When the Chinese Communist Party targeted clean energy in its 11th Five Year Plan (2006-2010), the resulting investment spree upended the global clean energy […]

Chinese Courts Are Increasing Damages Awards

(Author: LIU, Xiao(Shawn); Source: Lung Tin) On December 8, 2016, Beijing IP Court, in a patent infringement case, found in favor of plaintiff Watchdata System Company Ltd., and […]

Merchandise Licensing: Contractual Arrangements

(Author: Troy Rice and Joe Simone; Source: SIPS) This is the second part of a two-part article introducing best practices in this sector. The first part focused on securing relevant […]

Multiple Design Application in China

(Author: Xiaojun Guo; Source: CCPIT) I. INTRODUCTION Article 31 paragraph 2 of the Chinese Patent Law reads, “An application for a patent for design shall be limited to […]

Not all designs are copyrightable

(Author: Ms LU Xue and Ms. XIA Huan; Source: WAN HUI DA) Case Brief Guangzhou Exception Industrial Co., Ltd. (“Exception Company”) is a manufacturer of bags and suitcases. Exception […]

Practical Tips on Trademark Matters in China

(Author: Wen Peng and Tingxi Huo; Source: Chofn Intellectual Property) China has its own laws and rules relating to trademarks, different from those of the United States. […]

Amendments of Anti-Unfair Competition Law

(Author:Wen Zhong; Source: Liu Shen & Associates) After 24 years of implementation of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law (hereinafter referred to as “Existing law”), the first amendment […]

Chinese Legal Developments : Counting the Cash

(Author: Guoxu Yang; Source: CCPIT) The Chinese government has realised the importance of the patent system in promoting the innovation of technologies and has taken certain measures and […]

Jian Xu Articles

Proving bad faith in trade mark dispute

(Author: Dr. Jian Xu, the China IP Blogger) During trade mark opposition or cancellation proceeding in China, it is often necessary to prove bad faith of […]

Jian Xu’s Book

Dr. Jian Xu’s Book: 《Chinese Intellectual Property: A Practitioner’s Guide》

Dear Friends I am glad to let you know that my book, Chinese Intellectual Property: A Practitioner’s Guide, is now available on Amazon, in both the electronic and paperback format. You can click the link below to preview or order either version from Amazon. This book summarizes my years of experiences of serving clients on every aspect of Chinese intellectual property. It […]

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